Jadran Beach bar

Colorful, bright, sunny..

We’re colorful, bright, sunny and shiny beach bar located in Split, waiting for you to stop by!

Beach bar jadran

Living in the Sun, Swimming in the Sea

At Beach Bar Jadran, we believe that life is best enjoyed with a refreshing drink in hand and the company of friends. So, whether you’re a local looking for an idyllic escape or a visitor seeking an authentic beach experience, join us at Beach Bar Jadran and let the vivacious spirit of Split embrace you.


Jadran beach bar

Have a good time under the sun

Rent a deckchair

Set of deckchairs + table
+ sunshade - 40€
Single deckchair - 20€

Cocktail Bar

Wide range of cocktails to choose from.



(700+ reviews)

Very clean, relaxed area, beds are deceently priced. Music was great and staff were super friendly. Swimming here was amazing great views all around.

Christopher Fitzsimons

I've been to several beaches along the split coastline and this is my favourite spot to sunbathe and for drinks and good music! Sunbeds are 80kuna, but many people just sunbathe on the concrete. and I think drinks are inexpensive,& there's an alcoholic& soft drink menu. They do smoothies& choc filled croissants as well.

Ellie C

Loved just sunbathing here and going for a swim. Can hire a lounger for 100Kuna, can also order drinks/ food from the waiters. I recommend the freshly squeezed OJ. Great, chilled summer tunes too. Nice place to while away a lazy summer day.

Karen Davies